Coca-Cola Bottle

A friend sent me this little bit of trivia. It is the original coca-cola bottle.

Saw a good documentary on Coke on one of the business channels. Heard the famous iconic bottle was a response to distinguish the genuine from knock offs in the day. Anyone know who designed it?

thanks, always thought Lowey did it. Looks like manufacturing necessity had a big hand in the design.
here’s a visual evolution in a nutshell. - gee how do you put the image in the body without going to post first, then re-editing the post?

Click the place inline option when you add the file…

I love the coca-cola bottle story… the original sensory branding; to identify the bottle by feel only.

the part where they used the wrong bean, but like the shape so much they stuck with it is classic design lore too. It looks just like the bean

interesting Coca cola bottles by Roberto Cavalli and others, found when I was looking for that bean pic (the Cavalli is the gaudy one!)

a96725_a474_Coca-Roberto-Cavalli 2008.jpg
and one in SelfRidges brand color, yellow