Cobalts` accuracy ?

hello members

did anybody work with Cobalt from Ashlar/Vellum?

I have to know in which dissolution Cobalt works in standard-
is it 0.12, 0.123 or 0.1234 or 0.123456 (10e-2 to 10e-6)?
I`m talking about the standard accuracy - I am working with Rhinoceros at present! There it is possible to adjust the exactness of the working document -

can anybody help me?


I have Argon, stripped down crappy version of Cobalt. It’s accurate up to 8 places. You can adjust it in the prefs.

The accuracy of Cobalt is based on Acis from spacial. The accuracy is 0.000001 inches. This accuacy cannot be changed. The display of decimal points can be changed in the preferences but not the core accuracy. Beyond this limited, where some splines are not precise, tolerant modeling is introduced.


Thanx for the clarification. I wasn’t sure which they were referring to.