Coatstand Construction

Hi Guys

Just a quick, and probably stupid question. I am designing a coat stand and I am just wondering does the pole have to be split for easier and cheaper shipping? I know it is a huge benefit but is this what always done? Any guidance gratefully received.

thanks Freddie

You don’t necessarily have to split it. Determine what different size boxes it could fit in whether split or whole. Then get prices from all the shipping companies and see where the numbers fall. You may see that the cost reduction isn’t worth compromising the design. Also consider where your coat stand fits into the market. If it’s say an Ikea level product and it will have compete largely on price then it probably should knock-down. It is too expensive to ship air. You should also look at how it will stack on standard size pallets. In my experience pallets (standard or custom) that are long enough to lay a freestanding coat rack down on are not uncommon. It may make sense to have its legs and hooks fold flat to the pole. Alternatively if it is a high-end product whose profit comes from margin not quantity then leave it whole. Make the coolest coat rack shipping be damned! If you are somewhere in the middle consider splitting it up different ways. Maybe the base and top hanger portion detach from the pole, or something. Good luck.

samller poles are less expensive and not as prone to warping either.

Thanks guys

Really helpful answers and something to think about! It is going to be mid-high end but it going to have a large and heavy base…so probably best to split it and package it in a larger, but shorter box.

many thanks!