cnet uses power consumption in rating guide

interesting…its good that its a stat up there with size, dpi, etc.

with more material based evaluations…

maybe one day MPG > HPWR…maybe
am i the only one who sees biofuel cars with 400 hp as missing the whole idea?

am i the only one who sees biofuel cars with 400 hp as missing the whole idea?

Biofuel isn’t just about economy - it’s about showing that we can have a renewable resource thats AS effective as traditional gasoline. It’s the same way the Tesla roadster is showing “Hey electric cars don’t have to be boring”.

I remember a widely circulated video about a high school in Philly that built a biodiesel hybrid kit car and proved you can have a fast, fuel efficient alternative that’s built by kids who can’t even get into rated R movies yet.

The point though is to find alternatives to the finite supply of gas that we have available, without sacrificing what we’ve already come to expect from most cars.

In South Africa they make diesel fuel from coal. The US has at least 250 years worth of coal still in the ground…think about it!

biofuel cars with 400 hp as missing the whole idea?

It just might take that for the masses to catch on. And by masses I mean the people who still drive huge gas-guzzling vehicles because they can and because they want to.

I get the idea that consumers will always want fun and sexy and i really hope we get to the point where cradle-2-cradle can encourage mega consumption.

The problem with biofuels is that they aren’t a free ticket to do whatever…problems with agriculture and land usage will just be the new evil…so that 400 hp engine will just displace enough land so someone can’t eat.

Now if they crack the whole cellilous/switch grass thing… Its so hard to have any real idea of what is gonna work. I’m sure it won’t be one solution and it is at least encouraging that there is so much activity. who knows…

there seems to be a bit of a post-environmentalist movement which shrugs off the idea of conserving as merely postponing the problem and that the real need is to spark a new revolution of tech. necessity is the mother…