CNCed motorcycle helmet.

I wasn’t sure if this should go to tech or here, so I dumped it here.

I’m gonna need a new pair of pants…

That was awesome!

nice stuff…certainly would be very good as a helmet though

PS: probably should have been in ‘materials & processes’ but who cares

I’m a firm believer that you can mill pretty much anything and have it be completely fascinating! Music aside, that was awesome to watch! Thanks for the post.

Completely bad ass. I was asking “why” until I watched the fascinating video. :open_mouth:

That’s a Deckel Maho Gildemeister (DMG) 5-axis CNC machine. The SoCal showroom is just a few miles away from me. I get invited to all their open houses. It’s the ultimate in geek p(0)rn. If I had an extra $5o0K laying around, I’d definitely put in the order.

Completely bad-ass!

It would be amazing to have access to a machine like that (and not have to pay)… I would CNC all kinds of stuff. There was another good one a couple months ag0 where they were machining an organic coffee table; mesmerizing as well

Wow, wow, wow, that’s amazing.
They posted on the youtube comments that the final weight is 3.6kg from a 120kg block!

Only 500G’s? I’d have figured it to be more…


what do they do with all of the shavings? Not to get all enviro here, but that is a lot of waste, not to mention the energy needed to mill that out…

still a cool video.

The chips are collected out of the machines and sold by the pound to scrap metal dealers. They melt it down and make billet (blocks) and plates. It’s kind of a pain to clean the machines out between runs…if metals chips are mixed (aluminum mixed with steel) dealers will either pay much less or just refuse to take the chips.
I do low volume runs so I make a extra couple hundred a month selling my chips. I know a guy that makes connectors out of copper, 10’s of thousands a month, makes $3,000 a month selling his chips.

we used to take the shavings from Magnesium CNC-ing with us when we went camping… a handful of that into the fire and it’s like the fourth of July!

they used to recycle the AL shavings at that shop as well, when they didn’t polute it with plastic shavings

Thanks for the info!

That’s the beauty of aluminum. It’s infinitely recyclable.

Still alot of energy to mill… just give DMLS a few more years.

Finally had a chance to watch this. Pretty stunning.