CNC wire forning

CNC wire forming vendors for .149" [9 ga.] wire. I need names … . small to miniscule production volumes (1,000 piece orders)

Here (U.S.) or “there”, machts nicht.


If you’re going really small you could always go with the DIWire DIWire Bender - Make:

I used these guys a very long time ago. No promises.

And to be fussy, it is macht nichts, no “s” in macht. Sorry, its the German in me. :wink:

I know their website isn’t the greatest thing…in fact I’m kind of shocked at how bad it is… but a lot of people in west michigan area use this company:

took a tour of their factory and they’re pretty impressive for their smaller size.

it is macht nichts, no “s” in macht.


You could say, that you used “machen” as a verb. If it is here or there doesn’t make it (the decision).
Would be unusual but not wrong per se…

“It doesn’t matter” is translated to “macht nichts”


A spring company can also do any wire form part as the equipment is the same. It’s actually very fun to watch the slide form machine go about its business. One time at a trade show the booth next to my company was a wire form spring manufacturer and their looping video of wire forming was mesmerizing, 3 days later not so much but for the first half day, mesmerizing.

Actually the “there” I was alluding to is Asia … but thanks for the tutorial :wink: