CNC Recommendations

I’m in the market for an affordable 4’x4’ CNC router table. The biggest thing I’m looking for is quality. I previously owned a CNC Shark machine but it turned out to be pretty shoddy. Any recommendations or brands I should look at?

Awe man, I was going to get a shark machine… They are no good huh? Sorry I cannot help you with your question.

What are you looking to cut? Wood and plastic?

I may have just gotten a lemon, but the quality just wasn’t good. I’m mostly looking to cut wood and other soft materials.

I’ve used AXYZ machines before; good quality/capabilities. Around $5000 price point for industrial machines, but don’t quote me on that.

AXYZ Millennium (39"x39")

CAMTECH Z7 (48"x96")

You may want to check out Camaster. We recently purchased their 4x4 Stinger II and over the past few months have put it through its paces cutting everything from aluminum to cork but mostly hardwood and ply. So far we have been very happy, their support is top notch and the community of owners is very helpful also.

You can find some pictures/video of our machine at

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“Affordable” is all relative, but if you have the space for a 4x8 machine, check the industrial auction sites in your area. There are a lot of cabinet shops going out of business. You can get a serious machine quite cheap now.

We are building a 4x4 cnc from

They have a great forum for design ideas, mods, and construction assistance!

Add to subject of CNC machine. Does anyone know any machines out there that has the options of interchangable cutting head? Eg. laser, Router, Knife.
Currently doing some research for the design department and having all 3 will be ideal for the graphics, interiors and product design students.
Bed size of around 1200 x 1200 mm.

Thank you.