CNC operator?

Can anyone recommend a good CNC operator/facility in the East Coast?

Top of the line in quality and price (for an all round modelshop - does everyting impecably)

another group of good guys (all round too skills too - but CNC-ers as well)

NY, the both of them. Why just east coast? most guys I know get things done all over the US… especially CA for East Coasters - extra 3 hours in the workday for cutting things close!

hello Travisimo,

do you recommand anybody in california that’s good at 2k injection molding?
or prototyping an concept… since injection mold are horribily expensive.


What’s the project? This forum section isn’t going to get you many answers unless this is tied to a project you’re working on.

Better off posting in General.


I have used Forecast Product Development in Carlsbad SoCal… they do a top notch job and have some molding and tooling contacts. They are lower cost as well, so you need to be clear about what level of finish you need, but I use them all the time. Their specialty is urethane RTV molding and can do a great job on low volume production runs, especially if urethane material is suitable for the part.

I’ve met battery pack suppliers who have used RTV molded parts, with 4 mm thick walls, for years before going to hard tools.