CNC and Cosmetic Model Vendor

It seems that the cosmetic model and cnc vendor I have been using for years has upped their prices quite a bit. I am assuming it has to do with the new labor laws over in China.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good CNC vendor that can do mechanical enclosure machining and top notch cosmetic models?

We use for our appearance models. Definately not at the cheap end of the spectrum but the quality of the work justifys the costs.

The current job i need pricing on is a functional mechanical enclosure that will be painted and give the appearance of the final working part. Small plastic enclosure, 2 screws, blah blah blah. You know the drill.

I will check out Scott…thanks.

Take a look at Harry Shaw Model Makers:

And Copesetic:

I’ve had some “frustrating” models come back from Harry Shaw. I like Copesetic.

I am going with Model Solution. Korean based. Highly recommended and 1/2 the price of any quote I received.

The Taiwanese company I have been using (SyncProto) is in line with N/A pricing now, especially when you add in the $150 overnight FedEx costs.

Yeah, I saw those guys in SF at the IDSA National Conference… Man, those protos were beautiful… And you’re right, really inexpensive…

Good call…