CMYK to Pantone

Anyone have a resource or know how I match a Pantone to a CMYK number?

I have a yellow(0,5,100,0) that i need to spec as a Pantone number.

Chevis W.

Pantone Yellow C, 102 C and 107C are all pretty close. Each has a bit of Cyan, though

Do you have Photoshop? You can get to Pantone colors in the color palette and get the CMYK values from there.

I came across this pdf once I was looking to do the same thing. You could try using it:

Unfortunately it is only as good as your patience and how systematic you are when looking through it. And you’re always left with that feeling that you might have overlooked a better match. (could be that it’s just down to my lacking knowledge of how the pantone system is built up though :wink: )

A Pantone Process book is also a handy tool…

I found a work flow for photoshop were in you create the CMYK color and then using the eye dropper select and and in the color pallet switch it to pantone process coated. It will automatically provide you with the closest match.

for me CMYK ( 0, 5, 100, 0) became 803C (o,6,98,0) which for our purpose is close enough

Thanks for all the responses.

I discovered just today that Microsoft Publisher has Pantone colours, maybe it’s standard in Office 2010?