CMU vs. IIT vs. NCSU vs. Stevens

CMU vs. IIT vs. NCSU vs. Stevens

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Hi Guys,

I have admits from the following:
IIT - MDes (

NCSU - Industrial Design (

Stevens Institute of Technology - Integrated Product Development (

Please let me know your pick? [with emphasis on How does it complement by BME degree? followed by Job prospects, Job profiles, Avg. Salary, Living expenses, RA/TA/any other financial aid opportunity to help cover my Tuition fees too (alongwith covering my living expenses)]

Awaiting replies. Thanks!

I’d go with the school that also offers a biomedical engineering degree. You should be able to get both departments, ID and BE, to collaborate on projects which would only make your education experience better. Otherwise your BE degree is nice but you will be an island and you won’t be able to leverage your existing skills.

I can provide some insight to CMU’s MPD for you. (I did not attend it but I was close friends and interacted with a lot of them when I was in undergrad ID). The program is very small, there were only 5 full time students enrolled and a couple of part time ones. CMU isn’t the best at helping place students after graduation, they will help you in any way they can, but the responsibility falls mostly on you. However, all the grads I know ended up at pretty good jobs (2 in Project Management at well known/respected firms, others at Raytheon and Adobe)…

The plus to the program is that it is only 1 year long, but because of that it doesn’t get extremely indepth. There are some great course opportunities though, especially IPD. Though the tuition is expensive (and no financial aid is offered), cost of living is pretty low in Pittsburgh. You could find rent for under $500 a month, depending on what quality of living you are looking for.

All and all i would recommend the MPD program if it feels right for you…

From what I know about the IIT program it sounds pretty amazing, but that is for my interests…And it also seems to have great job placement and connections

IIT is tied to the Mayo Clinic and their spark program - seems the most obvious choice.

I’m not certain of the connection between SPARC and IIT, other than some of their team spoke at an IIT conference. But I am fairly certain a BE degree and the OP’s objectives will not get utilized to its potential at SPARC.

I’ve just seen a lot of the Mayo’s staff listed as comitee members on IIT’s thesis.

Thank you guys!

can you also comment on Upenn (Integrate product design) -

Do you think it is better than CMU?

FYI…IIT is top on my list. But, it is a 3yr course and very expensive. Hence, I am searching for other options.

Hello all!
And congratulations Vasu, for getting into CMU.
You must have even graduated by this time. :slight_smile:
I look forward to pursuing a masters in product development.
I have gained a strong understanding of the product development process through self taught courses.
However, I shall be completing a bachelors in chemical engineering and I don’t have a portfolio.
Could anyone please give me tips on building a portfolio?
Thank you very much!