CMU sketch class: Sketchology

Hey all,

I made a topic asking for advice about teaching this class, but it’s going on this semester and I thought I’d share some of the class with the board.

I’m currently a Senior at Carnegie Mellon. There is no drawing class further than the freshman foundation class. CMU has a program for students to teach a 3unit (regular classes are 9units) course for credit (no pay). It’s a once a week, 2.5-3 hour course. There are about 20 students, ranging from sophomores to seniors (and one 5th year architecture student).

READ: Not all the sketches in these slides are by me (about 20% are), they are mostly cited. Some I simply have had in my inspiration folder for too long. If you see any sketch in here done by you and are unhappy that I am using these for nonprofit, educational purposes, please let me know and I will remove the offending content.

Slides from Week 1: CMU Sketchology Week 1 by Julius Tarng - Issuu
Slides from Week 2: 98150 Sketchology Week 2 by Julius Tarng - Issuu
Slides from Week 3: 98150 Sketchology Week 3 by Julius Tarng - Issuu
Slides from Week 4: 98150 Sketchology Week 4 by Julius Tarng - Issuu
Slides from Week 5: 98150 Sketchology Week 5 by Julius Tarng - Issuu
Slides from Week 6: 98150 Sketchology Week 6 by Julius Tarng - Issuu

We post our homeworks up every week, so check out our tumblr:!


Very cool. We had a similar situation when I was in school, the only drawing class was a 2nd year fundamentals class that barely broke the surface. A bunch of students realized we’d never get jobs without being able to draw, so they started hosting after hours drawing sessions once a week to get everyone together to draw - worked out really well and after that the school revamped their sketching curriculum…which is very evident if you look at my portfolio vs the students now. :laughing:

Your slide presentations are incredibly clean, well composed, and kept me very engadged as I just looked through them. That class is a great idea, and those students are very fortunate to learn from you.

Kudos to you! :smiley:

Great stuff! Is it possible to make it possible to download the first week’s slides at issuu as well? :smiley:

@ Tarng
Good stuff man! Way to give back to your program. Are you leading the class, or is more of a group effort where everyone feeds off each other?

@ Cyber
That’s really funny you guys had “after hours drawing sessions” when you were here at VT. We are still doing the same thing! Two of us led an “ideation sketching detox” last night and it went really well (did you guys have detox sessions when you were here?). We’re now going to be starting up the drawing group that meets once a week for a few hours pretty soon. A lot of freshman and second years are interested, which is great :smiley: . Never to early to get started.

Looks like you are doing a really great (inspirational) job…keep up the good work!!!

I was thinking that too - your slides are nicely presented… hahah, “logistical shit”! good job

a voluntary sketch class for students sounds like a fun way to get more drawing hours in each week.

Yeah we were the first year to start the Detox sessions. I couldn’t think of the name…just remembered it had to do with us taking a break from drinking. :laughing:

Great proactive plan! Keep up the good work.

Today we went over ideation techniques and collaging.

Week 4 slides
reediting for citation purposes


This is some really inspirational stuff man, I cant wait to get to that level in those dewalt ideation sketches

That was a really interesting panda-inspired connection we had going on this week.

Last week we started our midterm projects. Each student picked something fun they wanted to design. Last week we focused on ideation, so everyone turned up with a bunch of really nice ideation pages, some compiled, some thumbnails.


Next week we’ll be developing our concepts further.

Week 5 slides: 98150 Sketchology Week 5 by Julius Tarng - Issuu

looks like the class is shaping up! Keep them posting their work. I think it always helps.

Hi Tarngerine,

I might be wrong (apologies in advance if I’m out of line here), :confused: but I just couldn’t find where did you credit the designers and or books, for the sketches you’re using as examples on the slides.

It just grab my attention that some members seem to think they’re yours :exclamation: In my view, some clarification would help to avoid any confusion.

Otherwise I think you’re doing great, keep up the good work.

Hi Surfbitter

Yeah I understand that. About 1/3 of the drawings shown are mine. I did give credit in the first few weeks but then I got lazy. I’ll update with credits:

Week 5: Design Sketching - Erik Oloffson, Klara Sjolen, Andres Parada, Julius Tarng
Week 4: (in order) Nicholas Bodin (Shoes), Zach Hastings (DeWalt project), Luke McConnie (shoes), Zach Hastings again (digital sketches), Niklas Karlsson (spaceships), Design Sketching (Oloffson), Me (julius tarng), Christopher Lavelanet (gatorade)
Week 3: Stephan Angoulvant (I think I was pretty clear this week), tutorials: Scott Robertson and Spencer Nugent , Chrome: I lost her name but some professor somewhere.
Week 2 & 1: I gave credit.

I’ll try to keep it short (Don’t intent to hijack your thread.)
In this case, I’m afraid I have to say your are wrong in so many levels.
Intellectual property and copyrights are not to take lightly, so “… I got lazy…” just won’t do.
Seems to me, you had time to find the “examples”, arrange them in your layout, splat on them some of your text, then publish on the web with a nice cover under your name and email … Nice :exclamation:
When it comes to credit someone else’s work , a half-cooked list somewhere else, with a reference like “some professor somewhere” is just not lazy but, to put it nicely, downright unprofessional.
I’m quite sure you must be aware of the right way to quote and credit sources, ( and get permission to publish etc…) and if you did, it seems strange why you didn’t say so.
Keep in mind, you’re about to step in an environment where laziness and “borrowing” someone else’s work without proper recognition (no matter how good your intentions are) is not exactly considered a professional strength.

Point taken. I’ll reedit the offending slides with proper citation.

Also there’s generally an exception for asking for permission for educational purposes. I’m not “publishing” these for profit. I uploaded them online for my students and thought some people at Core would like to see.

they’ve been reupped with proper credit.

Thanks for looking out for me, and even though you didn’t intend to hijack the thread, this could’ve been done through PM.

On a side note, I believe Carl Haney is giving a lecture at CMU tonight or tomorrow on innovation. Might be in business or engineering deptmartment, but as many designers as possible should go. I’ve worked directly with him, an amazing person. He is VP of R&D at Gillette for P&G and a great advocate for positive change. Sat next to him at dinner last night and I always come away feeling inspired after talking with him. Go to the lecture. Couldn’t find a link but I’m sure you CMU guys can find it.

On it. So far no results but asking around. Thanks!