cmu mpd students

i have just secured an admission for cmu s mpd program. i got to know that it is realtively new and just a 1 yr course. i dont know how it rates with the id programs in the other universitys. though cmu has a big reputation …
i would like to know the prospect of this program. and how the mpd grads do comparitively.

any body who can comment on this program and are there any placements that the students get on campus itself.

should i go ahead and take it…??

The MPD is a very good program but there have not been enough grads yet to track its placement performance.

It all depends on what you want, the MPD program has more of a business focus, more about the pd process, and will have more students with engineering backgrounds.

Again, if you want a longer program, and are interested in CMU, I’s suggest looking into the CPID or Interaction Design program. You can take all (or most all) of the MPD classes plus you will have more time and opportunity to develop research skills and skills in making.

Have you visited the schools and met with the students and tha faculty. That is the best way for you to judge. All three schools you got into are good. Each has a different emphasis. Its not really about which school is better, just which is better for you.

Good luck.

BTW - I am not a student in MPD, I was at CMU before that program started, but I have taken some of the core MPD classes, and worked with the faculty and they are very good.