CMU IDSA presents: Student Lecture Series

Carnegie Mellon IDSA and AIGA chapters are hosting our first ever Student Speaker Series! These a short and sweet (6 min) presentations given by design students on cool projects they’ve worked on, internships they’ve had, or just life experiences in general. We think it’ll be a nice way to get advice and see what your friends and other designers have been up to.

To start it all off, the first speaker series will showcase our very own IDSA and AIGA officers on Nov 19th, Friday 5:30pm at Breed Hall in Margaret Morrison. Here’s the line-up:

Julius Tarng (Senior ID) - “How Not to Choose an Internship”
Luther B. Young III (5th year ID) - “How a $100 Project Got Me a Free Year of School”
Rachel Inman (Senior ID) - “Re-imagining P-Town’s Public Spaces”
Linda Dong (Junior ID) - “How Design and Biology Hooked Up”
Vivian Wang (Senior CD) - “Designing for GE at Frog”
Samia Ahmed (Junior CD) - “Monsters”

This is a pilot run so hopefully it’ll turn out okay! We will be recording it for those who can’t make it to depressing Pittsburgh.

Sounds great. Looking forawrd to catching the recordings!

Best of luck with it all.


Got a link for the vids? I wish I could have made this.

Linda’s still working on it (finals, you know) but should be up during break!

Yup, sorry for the hold up! (finals have just ended) I’ll be posting up a video tomorrow actually.

(Vimeo tag still not working)

Without further ado, this is the recording from our pilot Student Lecture Series! Overall it was a great success. We had a really good turnout and feedback from students afterwards was that they learned a lot and it was fun to hear about projects they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

By request, the video doesn’t include Julius’ or Vivian’s lectures. So the line-up is:

Luther Young – How $100 Got Me a Free Year of School
Rachel Inman – Re-imagining Pittsburgh’s Public Spaces
Linda Dong – How Biology and Design Hooked Up
Samia Ahmed – Monsters

Favorite quote of the event: “So then is Edward Cullen a monster because he’s perpetuating male-dominant borderline abusive relationships?”

Apologies for the video quality of the slides (this was our pilot!)

Great Job! keep up the work, it was very enjoyable and educational to watch the video.

Linda: Use the vimeo tag and include the whole video URL in it with the “www”

Aghhh overexposed slides.

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed watching it. Would be awesome to see a similar event held at other schools. Maybe it can become an IDSA sponsored event in all the different student chapters, and then the videos are all hosted on IDSA’s newly renovated, more user friendly website… nudge, nudge, wink, wink IDSA :wink:

It was interesting how varied the topics where yet they all had the same CMU flavor, in a good way.

As a student I would have loved to hear the two internship talks but I totally understand not wanting that blasted all over the internet, and have things be taken out of context. It’s important for students to be able to talk to other students about those experiences frankly and not have to edit themselves for the web.

The Simple Science project is amazing, I was able to google it and find your site. What are your next plans for the project. I predict hearing you on a RadioLab episode in the near future!

For some reason the video did not work for me. Just wanted to let you guys know.