CMF Project Examples?

I have been tasked with a CMF project at my job for an existing product to give it a “re-fresh.” I was wondering if anyone has good examples of something like this? I have seen job postings for things like “CFM/CMF Designer” and I was wondering what a portfolio piece for a project like this would look like? It is a fairly quick turn around project and I think it would be a good opportunity for a small professional level project to add to my portfolio somewhat quick since the product is already on the market. Thanks!

Well, you’re going to do a trend analysis, probably geared toward your market. You do a little mood board for each CMF variant. Stuff like Bengt’s tumblr: Pantone does them too. When I visited Whirlpool one time, I saw them creating boards like that.
More just from searching “CMF” on Behance:

Create some renderings showing what the product will look like with the refreshed CMF and how it fits with each mood board. Get a LOT of material samples, and work with your manufacturer to get it “just right.” Document the whole process showing how you carried your research all the way through to final execution.

Thanks Brian!