Cloud Photography Solutions

I’ve gotten back into photography after a long (pre-digital) hiatus.

I need an online sharing solution that allows for grouping of photos and password protecting them. I take photos for local kids sports leagues and want to make the photos accessible to the parents, but I need to make sure the general public can’t get ahold of them.

I’ve tried Flickr and I love the interface, but it doesn’t seem to have the password functionality I need.


Check out zenfolio or smugmug. I know a couple photographers that use zenfolio. And Smugmug has a professional section. I think they’re both pay, but if you’re getting paid for the photos, it might be a little add on to your pricing to make it worthwhile.

Not getting paid (yet). I’m in the midst of figuring out if the is a business model here.

I’ll check these out…thx!

You can make Flickr albums locked by sharing a protected link. You can also make multiple albums from the same photos, so you could have one link for kids, one for parents, one public teaser etc, and one for yourself with all the photos.

Of course if you make a new album for each event it can be annoying to send out new links to everyone, but you could also build upon the old album to keep the same link working.

Anyhow, you can find it somewhere under privacy setting, it’s kinda hidden away… Flickr UI is cool for browsing after the redesign (and 1TB free space addition), but it’s still a nightmare for organizing unfortunately…

OK, I’ll look a bit deeper. I am glad to hear I’m not losing my mind and that it is not obvious. I found it a bit shocking that I couldn’t lock things down.