Cloud CAD, thoughts?

I constantly check on the progress on cloud CAD development like onshape and F360.

So far i found that onshape is the closest to SW workflow, it still lacks the surfacing cappabilites but I’m sure it will get there looking at the rate of the updates they have done. I also found that their montly pricing make sense ( and I constantly get updates in the future)

So whats your thoughts on the cloud CAD? have you tried it?

I think OnShape is by far the best cloud CAD I’ve used to date. I’m also coming from 11 years on SolidWorks so it’s an easier transition for me vs NX or Creo. It’s also been developed by the same guy who created SolidWorks and even runs the same kernel. It has huge potential despite the lack of some important surfacing features but all in due time. Where SolidWorks continues to falter with its marginal improvements and buggy graphical issues, OnShape will totally transform the way CAD is used around the world. I also like the subscription service model over what I’ve had to deal with using SolidWorks. I shelled out 5,500.00 of my own money for that damn software and realized it was only good if I continued my subscription. Otherwise, they would charge me for a new seat for every subsequent year I didn’t upgrade…so now I guess that would be about 25k? I even love how they continue to ignore main issues like context errors, assemblies losing references and crashing simply because I drew a line, and hey add stupid features like variable chamfers instead. I’ve never experienced any of these issues with OnShape.

OnShape is a joke in its current stage. Sure it has potential, but if Dassault turned around and offered SolidWorks on a CAD model with pay by monthly option then it would make any offering OnShape have to be irrelevant.
I tried to do a simple loft on OnShape in front of John himself and the programmers at Develop3D and it… broke. There was no way it could do a simple loft between three simple sketches and even the programmers could not explain why it was. If I was a paying customer and needed to do that in that moment I would not be able to complete my work. I have never had any of the above mentioned issues with SolidWorks, not to say it is perfect. We are all hoping for the democratisation of CAD and £200/month for SW professional is a good price for users and would likely produce even more money for Dassault.