closest ID uni to Fashion institute of college

I’m looking for an ID uni in NY that is close to the Fashion Institute of College. Which university is the closest to FIT? And by how far? Please help :slight_smile: its urgent thank you!

and which is the cheapest as well in terms of closer distance. thank you!!


I myself attend Parsons for Product Design and like it. But of course it is always about what you yourself put in.

Parsons is pretty expensive though but just a short subway ride from FIT.

The term “close” is rather loose when it comes to NYC because of excellent subway connections. You can easily get from FIT to Pratt in a mere 30 minutes.

Why are you looking for something close to the Fashion Institute of Technology?
Is it housing? Girlfriend/Boyfriend attends FIT?

When looking for a good program, you might not want to base it on location…

yes i do understand your point - not being based by location but my gf is planning to study in FIT. really appreciate your reply though :slight_smile:
and i do understand that parsons and pratt are great unis for ID. ive certainly researched on pratt. im loving it. im going there as a transfer student for their final year or 3rd year. any tips and advices for me before i come to NY and pratt?

and what about residential ares between FIT and pratt? any cheap and secured area?

so you have decided on pratt already and got excepted?

I live i Williamsburg, very nice area, safe. Park Slope (Pratt) is really nice as well.
The most important thing though (again) are the subway connections. Choose your area based on that, not on geographical distance. If there is no convenient subway line where you live, you’re screwed.

I recommend finding a nice apartment i Brooklyn, don’t bother with crazy landlords in Manhattan. Ain’t worth it!! that’s all I got. :wink:


oh that’s very helpful thanks man :slight_smile:
one more thing… do you know the contact number or email add of the housing agents?

i haven’t applied for pratt yet, but im planning to before february for fall 2009. ive seen the portfolios of the students there. amazes me compared to the university im in in malaysia called limkokwing university. they’re planning to open a new campus in new york. did u hear anything about it? their london campus is already a failure…