clogger comments

both clogger and the discussion forums have gotten a lot better in the half year or so, and i find myself stopping by core a lot more often…thanks for all your work. i’m wondering though why comments aren’t enabled on clogger posts? i think many of the clogger posts (and the site as a whole) would benefit from added comments. just a way i think the site could be even better.

i used to wonder as well. now that i’ve got my own blog, i’ve had to turn comments off. amazing amounts of “gambling” and “poker” spam gets posted. just not worth the hassle for me. suspect same for Core.

true, for a site this visible spam would be a huge problem, but that could be solved with an effective email verification system or similar. many other public blogs allow comments (i.e engadget). would mean more work for the core crew, but I think it would be valuable. i’d rather comment on those timely posts on clogger than the usual “what school is the best” posts that are often the norm on the boards. my 2 cents…

what’s your blog url by the way?

maybe. i started out w email verification. figured that would be a pain as visitors increased. i bet Core feels the same. can only guess. perhaps they’ll comment here as to why.