clocks and such

I have developed a new type of clock display, truly new (patents are in the works) but I have not a clue as to whom I should approach in co-venturing or licencing this thing off too. The system can display text or graphics and has a ablity to be scaled up to truly monstrous sizes with out huge energy imput (giving it the large scale market over electronic ink). The system has applications from home to commerical sized units. If you would like more infomation drop me a PM and I will send along a NDA.

What kind of target market are you looking for?
I’d try to hit up Oregon Scientific, sounds like something they would do and given their recent penchant for collaborations, might sink up.

If done right, it could also go into a Lexon zone.

Its pretty fundmental, so there is applications in home ala grandfather or desktop. The best appliaction would be lobbies of hotels where architectualy senstive “signage” is needed (remember it does text and graphics). The clock function is just a display that has the most common applicaltion to all concieviable markets.

Hi zippyflounder! I have just now sent you a PM. Check it out, please!