climbing shoe

I am doing a research project about climbing shoes…
what do you know about climbing shoe design?
please help me…I am waiting for your reports

You should check out for specific climbing feedback. Also go to to climbing shop or indoor climbing gym and talk to knoweledgeble salesperson/staff. There are many different types of shoes for different kinds of climbing.

Very aggressive downturned shoes are for hard boulder problems and board lasted high-tops are for multi-pitch traditional climbing. There are a few variations in between.

I recomend getting out and and looking at some.


Go to a indoor climbing gym and speak to the staff. Usually the peole who work there are hardcore and know their stuff… Still it may be even bettter to watch people climb and speak with people on the course. Observation can help you see things people don’t even realize they’re doing… You may be able to identify a problem that we don’t even know exists yet… Also bring your scetch book to draw scenarios around your observations… It will help you capture the moment so you can maybe digest it more later…

what do you know about rock climbing shoe designers?

im a climber…what is it that you want to know? materials? what are the differences in shoes and what are they for? different lasts? slipper vs laces or velcro? ask some specific questions and i will answer them as best as i can… 14 yrs climbing experience.


one of the most important factors of shoe design is the last. This is wher 90% of climbing shoe development takes place. Holding the foot so that you always know where you big toe is.

Check of the scarpa site and you will see just how distorted the shoe shapes are.