Clients with a sense of humor

At the kick off meeting, the clients (engineers) made it clear that they did not put much stock in the abilities of ID people to provide designs that would meet their needs (due to past experience) So they kept stating that they wanted to be involved in the “Napkin Sketch Stage” so they could ensure we were getting it right.

So during my first presentation I walked them through the CAD model that was created to define their engineering hard points and house their equipment and ensure proper space and air flow was considered and that we defined the smallest package size per their request. Their Comment… “Not use to a ID guy taking this engineering type approach”…

From there i proceeded to show the rough preliminary concepts in the following style…

A few chuckles from them were heard, and then the comment… “How did you not tear the Napkin?”

In the end they really like the approach and direction we had taken and were going in.

Ha! Awesome. Always a pleasure to work with a group that gets it.

I like the top left. How do you not tear the napkin? hehe

Just needs a coffee stain… .