Client vs. Creative?

I´d like to here about your experience in creative- client communication. Especially in a branding environment.

  • How often can´t you get teh message across?
  • Why is that?
  • Is it the clients who can´t understand the concept or is it the creative who can´t sell it?
  • What about finding a common language? How can you create a successful interaction between the two sides?
  • Are toys and playing an answer? Any experience in this specifically?
    -What presently lacking in terms of tools for communicating?

All the best,

Where I intern this has been a huge problem. This is a theatre/comedy/improv company located in 4 states and Canada. They just had their branding done for the first time in 45 years but…

The art director is constantly fighting to get people to stick to the branding. It is not that they don’t understand it, they don’t want to understand it. They want to do things there way… or the way they were always allowed to do things in the past. Everybody thinks they’re a designer. Nobody likes rules.

.and is the art director, Roy?