Client asking for film of me designing on ipad - have you done this? Any advice?

Got a big launch coming up next year, one that I’m super proud of, setting up footwear for a womens clothing brand in the UK, so I recruited the technologist, found the right factory and we’ve done everything from scratch. All exclusive lasts, heels, proper fitting and wear trialling regime, slow fashion, not fast, which is how I like to work. My client is big on social media, it’s an online business. They share how the business works, they also share who works there, including freelancers like me. We all have avatars designed by the graphic designer and all staff, all the way down to the interns are featured regularly on their socials. I already filmed a lot of content when developing the lasts and also photos of pattern amendments, sketching on the lasts, factory stuff. I will go in and have a staged shoot in their design office (as the print design freelancer has already done) but they’re asking me to film my hand sketching of designs on my ipad. Has anyone done this before? How did you set it up?

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I do this all the time and have tried various set ups. See below for a recent screenshot of an example. Is this what you mean? Or more of you, not just the hand?

I’ve a bunch on my @directivecollective Instagram and have posted here in the Real Footwear topic and Sketch Fu

I just use my iPhone to re it’s and a basic tripod from Amazon. I find I need to lean it against the edge of the table to shoot over the iPad but it’s pretty easy. Lighting is the most important to get right and avoid glare or shadows. By a window with natural light always best.

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Thanks! have iphone I’ll look at tripods.

If I was to buy another tripod I’d see if I could get one with an extension boom arm. That way you can film painting directly down over the iPad or object. Otherwise with a normal tripod you see the legs of it or are limited in down angle.

I don’t know the specifics of this one but something like this.

Elitehood iPhone Tripod for Overhead Video Recording [Heavy Duty & Ultra-Stable], 25in Horizontal Long Extendable Boom, 360° Rotation iPhone Tripod Stand with Remote, Vertical 71" Tall Phone Tripod

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@shoenista honestly I just balance my iPhone on the twin bars of my desk lamp and let it rip!

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Hi there, I can see you already have a lot of good recommendations, just thought I’d add some general advice you might find useful. You might find when arranging camera angles it’s easiest to position the camera to film so that it’s upside down, this can easily be changed in an editor later so give this angle a try if it makes for a less awkward positon. Lighting is often tricky, not sure what kind of equipment you have, but would recommend having plenty of light while avoiding anything too harsh to minimise shadows and brightening up with an editor after filming. Also even if you only have a phone it’s worth playing around with the settings a bit before filming, it can make a lot of difference. Hope this useful!