clever USB Drive...


I wish more high tech products had this kind of clever and intuitive interface

The Flashbag is a USB flash drive that will inflate as it fills up with data. Similar to how I inflate when filled up with donuts and beer. Now you may be asking why a gadget like this would be useful. Well, it really isn’t, but it is definitely cool and an innovative USB flash drive design, which is pretty rare nowadays. The Flashbag is only a concept right now but the designer, Dima Komissarov, has a patent pending on this device, so hopefully a company will pick it up soon. * from gizmodo *

How about a flash drive with an embedded smart paper empty/full indicator display? “Zero” power to maintain the image, and it only needs to change when it’s plugged in.

Is that real? Looks like renderware.

i like the flair that the product offers. something different. for sure in some cases not practicle, but unless you were after something practicle you wouldn’t buy this product.

a nice idea none the less

I have no idea if it’s really REAL or not, though Im sure it could be. It really isn’t so practical too - who wants a big balloon in their pocket anyway… I just really liked how it was taking a high tech gauge, the space left on the drive, and and changed it to a very obvious and intuitive form.

This is a little like the USB orbs that are hooked up to the net and glow red when your stocks are down, green when the stocks are up…

or thoose projects from MITs tangible media group, where a weather report starts playing when you take the lid off a certain box or touch the window

anybody heard of anything else like this? I’d dig seeing more

Is that your Flash Drive or are you just happy to see me?

This is more renderware. One blog post yesterday said it was still “in concept” which means of course that the 5V power coming out of the USB port will not be enough to pump it up. Shouldn’t be patentable… as any number of motion control components could replicate the action.


Haha, flashbag. That’s kinda funny. A thermometer like display of LED lights, or cellphone bars would let you know capacity also.

Funny how it only takes a couple of mugs of coffee for it to become comical.


Incidentally, I really like the “the Ambient Dashboard”. It’s intuitive and disarmingly retro. Build your own “Brazil”.

if you guys would google it you would find it as the first result: