Cleveland Institute of Art

can anybody just tell me a little about your experience there? maybe a bit about campus life or just the place’s general atmosphere? Thanks.

When I was there it was a great place. The campus sucked but the instructors where knowledgable and cared. A few of the designers I work with also went there. YKH went there. Eric Stodard (who designed the crossfire) went there, as did Jerry Hirshberg (hear of Nissan Design America), there’s a long list.

The after crit parties where pretty good as I (vaugely) remember.

I’ve met 6 students/grads from CIA (various years) and they are all extremely talented. Maybe I just met the right people.

read my posts on page 7 of announcement: top design schools opinions and questiions -at the top of the post directory…i answer all your questions about cia…im a senior there now, so if you have any others

yeah, thanks, but i’m not looking at CIA’s program from an id standpoint. I don’t really have any interest in id. I want to major in illustration, but that’s beside the point, i guess i’m just looking for a little of an insider’s perspective on living and working there. How’s Cleveland? tell me some good stories. or bad ones. i heard the campus sucks… why? what’s bad about it? do you like the 5-year program or dislike it? I’ve heard from people that the alumni they encountered were very talented… is that because the school is great or they’re just great? what kind of student organizations do they have? anything you have to tell me…

cleveland is what yo9u make it i guess… personally im outta here as soon as i graduate but i know cleveland-4-lifers who like it just fine here. university circle is an amazing area, if you had to pick one in cleveland, which is where CIA, case western, Cleve Inst. of Music, and some other schools are. there is plenty of cool architecture, new and old, and the art museum is directly across from CIA which is awesome and incredibly convenient. And case just got the new frank ghery building which is a soul attraction in itself, right next to CIA. the campus doesnt suck at all… there just isnt one. we have 2 buildings at either end of case’s campus, which is nice. there’s food and bars on the walk…and besides the winter weather, it’s really nice. we have little italy -where i live- right up the road with unbelievable food and wine and outdoor feasts…coventry is a little further up too, which is a miniature Haight-Ashbury-esque district, with plenty of college-type bars, food, cool shopping, art stuff…and many people live there too.
as far as CIA goes…they pride themselves on their family-type structure. there’s only about 100 kids per year (maybe a few more now) and their ‘new-student orientation’ is like no other…very personal, making sure you meet everyone, and see what your next years will be like. before the end of the first semester you will probably know most of the kids at CIA, and definitely all the professors, which is really great if you need any input on a project, or guidance on how to tell your mom you got pregnant…
as far as the 5 year program is concerned…i wouldnt have it any other way… i was talking to my professor yesterday about the survey we filled out on our first day as freshman. one question asked us what we wanted to do… so after the 2 year foundation course… 52% of the students changed their minds on what they wanted to do, just because of the extra exposure they got to different ways of thinking and doing, offered by 2 years of foundation, rather than 1. how can you honestly choose what you want to be for the rest of your life in less than a year?..
as far as student organizations… we dont have greek life, nor do most art student want one, but you can join case’s if youd like. each major usually has there own club and fund raisers that you can join during any year, no matter what major you’re in. they take a lot of trips and do fun things that involve the profession they’re involved with. there’s student leadership council, which im a part of, and we make decisions on what happens with the money we have, and we fund clubs’ trips…also, many times people just start their own clubs, and come to slc meeting to get funding… it’s really easy and a good way to get the school to pay for you to have fun.
there’s some colaborations with CIA and CIM as far as art and music… you can cross register as CASE to take very prestigious courses for no extra cash… and tons of other stuff that im leaving out…
you should go check it out first. the art museum alone is a good reason to visit.

oh…and theres no bums…well usually anyways. most cities have a ton of homeless bothering the students…but the Univ.Circle police do a good job of taking care of it…mainly because case has so much money pouring out their asses they dont know what to do with it.

as far as alumni… i think it is always easy to answer that school is what you make of it, and obviously the people have to be talented in the first place… but i feel like the 5 year program, mixed with the tight-knit family structure, and the opportunity to explore several different mediums even while in your major helps the students think beyond the reach of what a more conservative structure may have to offer.

the school has barbecues for us… during final crit week they go around to all the departments with coffee and donuts… if there is a party, usually the entire school knows about it, and most of them end up there. we also have a student art show judged by some internationally known artists…(different every year)…with tons of cash and scholarship prizes. and a faculty show that could blow your mind… all inside the school’s gallery, which also hosts outside shows from artists.

well… i hope this helps
peace in the western east


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