My mistake. I will look elsewhere for support.

FYI you are going to be asked to stop posting the same thing in all the forums… and most likely a moderator will delete them except for 1.

I apologize if I over-posted. I was hoping to put this in a few different forums that I feel it relates to in hopes of it being visible to those whose interests might incline them towards being supportive of this project. This opportunity is extremely important to me, but unfortunately it will not be possible without support from a wider network than my own.

It will be interesting to see what happens considering that you are soliciting money.

Shanna, you are in essence spamming the boards. These forums are a place for discussion, and we would love to have you as a part of the community. It isn[t a place to fund raise. If you were a frequent poster, we might make an exception, but in this case, your first contribution to the conversations here is asking for support.

Link has been deleted and duplicate posts removed. Please take a look at our posting guidelines: