Clear casting silicone?

I’m looking for some castable rubbers. So far, I’ve identified silicone as the most likely choice (the kind you use in a mold, not the kind for making molds). Specifically, the requirements for the material are:

  • castable/moldable with up to 1" wall thickness
  • flexible, soft and stretchy (about 200% elongation before break, or more, would be good)
  • 100% transparent
  • non-toxic
  • relatively long life
  • thermally stable up to ~100 degrees C
  • UV stable would be a boon but isn’t required
  • specific gravity close to water would also be nice
  • not too expensive, since I’m only a poor student

Basically…think sex toy but squishier :slight_smile:. The first four requirements are the most critical.

Anyone have some ideas for either (1) where I could get clear, castable silicone in a durometer rating of ~15-25, or (2) any other materials that fall in the same general area? So far I’ve identified Smooth-On Dragon Skin ™, which is a little soft (D=10) but might work; and medical-grade implant silicone, which is perfect but highly expensive.
Silicone caulking will NOT work; it won’t harden all the way through.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

GE Plastics is one source.

Call your local or regional OOMOO distributor. They will have a product to meet your needs. I needed a very specific castable silicone rubber, in 100% clear, that was also somewhat ‘squishy’ so when you squeezed it, there would be a little bit of give to it. I ended up purchasing a product called Crystal Clear, I believe. Good luck.