Classified Forum on Core77

Curious if there is enough interest to warrant a Classifieds section here on the Core77 forums.

Maybe you have to have 50 posts in order to post.
Or maybe its open for any/all C77 users.

ID related equipment for sale to C77 users, sold by C77 users.

For example, I’m in the process of selling my Tablet laptop, and I’m going through eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist…

…but as it is specifically made for Design purposes (primarily anyway) I’m wondering how to reach a specific audience of designers.

Anyway- this isn’t a plug for my laptop, but a way to sell design related equipment to a group of designers who would be interested. Even retro furniture, etc.


I like that idea.

I have been considering thinning my design library out and this would seem to be a good place to do that.

what do you say Core77 and MODerators?

not a bad idea. I’ll run it by the other mods.


I have some old things that I know will not sell on ebay, drafting tables, things like that.

I’d use it.

I’d use it. Great idea.

Do you envision boundaries (guys seeking guys)?

OOPS - Double post…

20 Y.O. male marine designer seeks carbon fiber specialist to go over my curves and smooth out my hull

Also need help with a boat.

would be a good idea - there are a few ID specific things that are difficult to find or sell through conventional means. Some people might have old books they no longer need, someone might have an old Eames chair they want to give to epic for free…you never know.

I see what you did there… :laughing:

My grandparents have an old one (possibly an original), and would use it often until they moved. From then on, it’s sat in the basement of their new house. I didn’t know what it was until recently, and I nearly had a fit when I learned.

Wanna have a fit, when my grandmother moved to an assisted living place my cousins sold here stuff for cheap. Normal thing to do, but they sold a real arco floor lamp for $45!!! I was pissed, they also dumped a few other things for basically nothing.

Threadjack over

so yeah I still think this would be a good thing.