Classes before attending udergrad?

Ok, so I plan on going back to get my undergrad the fall of 2010.

With that being said… I have time to start taking some classes to hopefully get some out of the way (i’m 30 and would prefer to do the program faster rather than slower)

I plan on going over to Europe or up to Canada to study.

Has anyone had experience with this? I’d like to take 2 broad classes that may transfer.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Would this be your second degree?
You might have mentioned it in another thread, I can’t remember.

Because if it is, you might want to consider a really though prepretory year at for example Umea University in Sweden, then jump into a Masters course after.
Given your age, I think an undergrad is going to be very frustrating. The young age and low maturity of you classmates will be very hard to deal with. It was for me.
I am right now attending a MfA course at Konstfack in Sweden and several of my older classmates did this.
They are well prepared.

Wow, that would be perfect actually. I’ve thought about the maturity level thing and just figured it would be something that I would have to “suck up.”

I may try to start looking for 1 year intro/accelerated programs then jump into a masters program. The problem is… right now I am very far behind with my computer programs and sketching. I have made a portfolio, but it’s basically limited to all wood. I made and designed all the stuff in under a month to try to get into a masters program this past year, but wasn’t accepted so I figured I’d better just go back to undergrad.

I am pretty sure I’m going to a Canadian/European school b/c the cost here in the states is ridic and fortunately I’m a Canadian citizen so it’s even cheaper.

Do you know of any other programs besides UMEA that may cater to what I’m looking for? (a one year program to jump into a masters program after?)



If you’re interested in checking out my portfolio at all here it is:

I know it’s not the greatest, but I threw it together really quick.


Love the swiss cheese computer dock! :wink:

I can’t provide any advice regarding your situation. However, I’d still like to express my appreciation for your portfolio, especially the light and the computer dock. Good stuff.

Have you thought of skipping the degree and starting a furniture company? You have some talent in design and woodworking right now. Why bother with Solidworks?