Clarity/Advice needed!!!!!

Hi All

I am currently working at a design firm in India in the area of Appliance Design for the past two years and do not have any prior experience in the Industry. The work I do basically involves in designing appliances using Pro/Engineer software.
I currently have a B.S degree in mechanical Engineering and Im willing to explore more options in the Design space. I have come across a lot of ID programs on the net and im confused whether this would be a viable option for me or not. Do all the ID programs require you to have a prior exp/degree at design studios. Could anyone help me in finding Graduate ID schools, which are more Engineering based and cater to more technical Product/Industrial Design.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated…!

Are you willing to leave India?

How involved in ID do you want to end up?
Please consider a second bachelors if you want change careers, 2 years of training will only turn you into a CAD jockey.