Civil Engineering to ID will i be qualified with a MA

I’m in the last semester of my last year of civil engineering and I really don’t enjoy what I’m doing. My question is if I get a masters in Industrial Design, with my bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, will I be qualified or more importantly will an employer want to hire me as an industrial designer? Or do I have to get an associates or another bachelor’s degree in ID?
Thanks for any response.

will I be qualified or more importantly will an employer want to hire me as an industrial designer?

Who knows? I’d suggest that you spend some time going through the hundreds of portfolios on this site, and ask yourself if your “design” skills approach those you see; conceptualization, illustration, materials & processes, etc. “Design” is such a subjective area that a degree might represent 5% of the hiring equation; the rest being what you can actually do.

A designer’s portfolio represents, at the recent graduate level, hundreds of hours of training; at the professional level thousands of hours of training and work experience. So, unless you are an extraordinarily gifted CE, something between Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Le Corbusier, or Frank Lloyd Wright, I seriously doubt that you would be hired as an “Industrial Designer” without specialized training in the field.

With thirty years in the Industrial Design field I seriously doubt, as well, that a CE firm would hire me to do field work for them without specialized training in civil engineering.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if i wish to pursue a career in industrial design would an associates degree or a masters degree be sufficient to get a start in the field? or do i have to go back to college for my bachelor’s in ID? I really don’t want to be in college for another 4 years, but I’m also really interested in ID.

I’m guessing a lot of your credit work would carry over, so you could more than likely make it out in less than four years. But developing the hand-eye sketching/illustration skills, CAD, and “PhotoShop” type software(s) required by industrial design will likely take you four years to becomre proficient in, if not longer.

But that’s just my $.02US [$.021CAD]

Keep in mind that although being able to sketch and use the tools helps to get an entry job. You still need to have Design ability, and the design lessons that you are taught in an ID program differ from that of engineering based lessons.

On a side note far to many people look at a ID person who has great artistic skills and assume that they are a strong ID person. This is just the surface you need to look beneath… as the old saying goes “beauty is only skin deep it is what’s inside that counts.”

In the end, no one can answer these questions for you. For all I know you might be qualified right now with no training (doubtful, but I have no idea without knowing you). Forget about an associates degree. The recognized degrees are bachelors (BS, BA, or BFA) or Masters (typically MID or MFA).

Design is neither engineering nor art, while being some of both. The skills take time to learn, and the thought process some people never get. I like LMO’s advice, do some reading on here, partake in the discussions. In a short period of time, you will be able to self evaluate whether this is for you or not.

Agree 100%