Citroen Luxury Coupe

Hi , I am Ankit Prashar, a recent automotive design graduate from Coventry University, U.K.
This is my first post and i would like to showcase my final year project.

Citroen eco-luxury Sedan is a design study for a futuristic luxury vehicle that uses innovative-eco technologies and smart
materials to arrive at a Zero-Emission Vehicle.

The main idea was to design a luxury vehicle which retains the excitement yet was sustainable. The vehicle uses light-weight green materials along with a unique power-train which ensures a Zero emission vehicle. The car has individual hub-motors which are powered by electric batteries which have an extended range thanks to an on-board fuel cell component which charges the batteries.

Photovoltaic panels on the hood harness enough energy to power the in-car electric and lighting systems.

The design offers a fresher, greener and far more exciting experience to an otherwise chauffeur driven vehicle

The interior of the car offers a unique 1+2 seating layout which ensures maximum individual space to the rear passengers.

Since most high-end luxury cars are chauffer driven and carry a maximum of 2 passengers on the rear seat, this seating layout provides better space and luxury to the rear passengers ensuring immense leg-room without increasing the overall length of the car.

Hub-less wheels on the rear of the vehicle are individually attached to the body. This enables the vehicle to have a flat floor bed on the rear which further maximizes the interior space.

The glass-roof takes inspiration from the works of the French architect, Jean Nouvel. The textured glass-roof filters the sunlight entering the interior and forms unique patterns which mimic the sunlight passing through a bunch of trees.

You can have a detailed look on the project along with more images on the following website:-

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That is a beautiful interior render! The exterior confuses me a bit in terms of the views you are showing… I’d love to see a more clear exterior sketch. Also, the exposed rear wheels just don’t say lux to me. I like the idea of the wheel coers, but maybe just one bright detail, one little bulgari bezel reference or something in there to bring a little jewel lik quality to that area might just take the level of detail up a notch.