citroen-lacoste blended concept

What do you guys think of this latest fashion branded car concept? I like certain parts. The dashboard has some sweet elements, steering wheel and those crazy rims are growing on me. I just don’t get the “lacoste” vibe from it though…

The interior wrap-around bench style seats are the most interesting and stylish for me.

I like the overall silhouette of it, I think it is pretty bold. The graphical break up of the body gets a bit Orca like for me, and some of the details confuse me, there seem to be two sets of LED headlamps? The floating headests seem silly, but the simplicity and restraint of the seating surfaces is very nice.

Lacoste is a very classic European sport brand, and it does not seem to connect with this vehicle.

On a whole it feels a bit 90’s Pontiac Stinger…

Lacoste has such a rich history to draw upon, and the inherent simplicity would align well with contemporary styling trends. It seems like it wouldn’t be hard to do well. I’d like to see some development materials for this one, maybe there will be some inspiration boards with shamu?

nice girl…car…meh Looks like my kids’ sportshoe ;p

Still thumbs up for a small car…And it’s probably electric. Love this shiny new future…no matter how plastic it looks.

The restrained way the seats are designed and the material choices are the main thing that screams ‘lacoste’ to me. The rest feels a bit blobby and fat I think. I doesn’t say light city car to me. More beach buggy, but maybe they’re pitching it that way…

interior is much better than the exterior. some nice details thrown in. I actually like the benches, floating headrests, dash and wheel area.

The exterior stance and proportions are interesting but ultimately hindered by the black and white “Orca” breakup as Yo put it. I think it’d look pretty decent in all white.

I like it for some reason. It looks like a fun car for summer fun and going to beach. But it seem to give me a sort of nautical vibe. Not classic nautical, but more like skidoo’s and small modern speed boats (very slow ones…). Id have liked to see them work a bit more on the exterior materials. Now its almost like tupperware was the third party of the collaboration. Maybe working with technical textiles on the exterior? Probably a bad idea, but who knows.

was the goal sporty style without any hint of sporty function?

I love that interior, but i think it would be impossible to stay seated in. everytime you went round even a gentle corner you would slide across the bench seats, straight out the non existant doors and scuff your lovely shoes on the ashphalt. those guys look like they could handle it. they seem to be of the practical ‘rough and ready’ sporty type you see walking down the street everyday but i’m not so sure about the maniquin in the rear seats :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though, now that it’s already been mentioned, when i look at it now i can only see a goofy orca