Citroën Breaks Design Mold with Oli EV Concept - Core77

Citroën's new EV concept vehicle, Oli, is an extremely forward-thinking design that looks to redesign the family car in a responsible, sustainable way. When the company looks at modern family vehicles, or those of the past, they see bloat; Oli was designed as a counterpoint.

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It took me a minute to see it, but the general silhouette is the same as Canoo’s truck-but backwards, and they shortened the bed area.

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Beautiful details and concept, but I felt there was something disturbing and conflicting with the whole “nature & love” mood of the project. Than I realized this thing is a scaled and preppy version of the bloody, belligerent Humvee.

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I love it

That roof deck is a conceptual unlock, nice work designers!

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Nice to see a French brand doing something out there again!