Cintiq ergonomics

I would like to get some advice from fellow Cintiq users.

I’m pretty happy to have just gotten a Cintiq at work, but I’m struggling with the ergonomics of my setup. When I lay it down to draw on the screen, it seems a bit high. Or my chair is too low. I haven’t figured out exactly what it is, but the ergonomics of it just seem slightly “off.”

Maybe I’m just being a baby and I need to get used to the new setup, but has anyone else experienced something like this? Has anyone solved a similar problem, or should I just get used to it…

I had the same issue when I started using a Cintiq… I ended up solving the problem by getting a taller stool. Right now, when I sit upright, the bottom edge of the cintiq is about at the bottom of my belly. I can comfortably use it up in a traditional monitor mode, or down like a drawing table.

I found that once I could position myself over it like I would be when drawing on paper, it felt much better.

I pull it off the stand and put a beanbag under the umbilical cord exit part to lay it down. Gets it to the proper height with only minimal seat height adjustment, and the beanbag lets it pivot smoothly without bending the cord too much.

I had the same issue - mostly because the Aeron chair I was given had a broken height adjustment which meant it would only stay on low. Once I got a new chair that I could raise it was fine.