Cintiq and computer screen not matching up!

Hey guys,

I have noticed that ever since I got my Cintiq and try to render on it, I have to keep my eye on my computer screen (my laptop) in order to get a good indication of the colors; it doesn’t match up with what is on my Cintiq screen. I find it annoying because i’d rather keep my eyes directed towards what I am drawing, on my Cintiq’s screen, instead of going back and forth between screens. I sometimes feel like I am playing a game of tennis when I render! Grrrr. Is there any particular buttons/features that I need to fiddle with in order to get them on the same level?

Thank you!


The cintiq is actually a better display then your laptop. While it may not be calibrated correctly (you can fiddle with the color, brightness and contrast using the buttons on the back of the display) it is actually a much higher quality display. You may just be used to the un-natural brightness of your laptop monitor.

You can adjust the Cintiq directly, or use your video card settings to try and adjust the color.

In reality the Cintiq is more accurate, you’re just so used to the bad color that you don’t notice it. (I do this too - my work monitor is crap and I always think the Cintiq is too dark but it’s accurately calibrated)


Thanks for the reply. I figured it out. I played around a bit with the toggle buttons on the back of the display and I was able to fiddle with the settings to adjust the color.