Cintiq 21ux used

Anyone purchased a Cintiq 21ux used before? Whats a good price for those used? The new price has drooped to 2000 USD

I’ve been looking for a used one for a while. They are very hard to come by. Most people are hard pressed to give them up. Plus, a new one has at least a 1 month lead time. Don’t get scammed into websites promising anything less than that. Wacom still has back orders even on the new ones.

Backorder. Maybe thats why the used ones I could find are almost as expensive as a new one. I understand that there is a new version of the 21ux that just came out. Anyone comment on the enhancements for that new one?

Pretty minor improvements, if I recall.

I paid $1100 for a 21ux out of Detroit yesterday.

I’m not buying until they release a widescreen version. It boggle my mind why they haven’t yet.

They did, they just stopped selling it, no idea why. I bought one used, 20wsx I think it is called.

Yeah, sorry I meant re-release. Their supplier had issues almost immediately after it first went on sale. My alma mater had a computer lab of 20wx’s, but I graduated in August. It’s almost impossible to find a used one, because people actually want to keep them!