Cintiq 21UX new and old differences???

Someone is offering to sell me a DTZ-2100/G August 2005 manufacturing date.

I looked at the Cintiq website and noticed that the current Cintiq has a 2 toned bezel where there looks to be a lighter gray inner frame whereas the 21UX being offered to me is all solid dark gray plastic.

IS this so that they can replace a smaller part if the screen gets scratched?

What is the difference between the current, latest Cintiq 21UX and this 21UX that looks to be made in 2005?

Any feature, performance, or other important improvements or differences between them?

Thanks for any information any of you Cintiq experts may know of.

Don’t know if an even newer one is just around the corner? Should I hold off? I would hate to buy it and then boom a better one for cheaper comes out like a week after.

I was told the new one has better tacking and is made of less scratchable glass whereas the old one was clear plastic.
Not sure if that’s true. Anyone out there use a screen protector with their CIntiq or can it take the punishment from the nib and remain pristine??? If screen protector then which one?

I’ve had a 2005 build Cintiq 21UX demo unit on loan in January of this year while I waited for a replacement unit. The new replacement Cintiq 21UX has a November 2008 build which I received early this year.

The only difference is the Wacom logo font on the bevel. The paint job and colors are the same. The Wacom site photos of the new unit probably make it look different. The only performance difference I perceived between the older and newer unit is that the older unit had slightly less jitter then the new one along the edges. But I try to stay in the center when I sketch.

Aafter several months of use, I’ve noticed the jitter has lessened. Though it’s still hit or miss if I try to select the window close button if it’s right up at the edge/corner of the screen. But over all, it’s much better then when it was new.

I’m left handed and I have a new theory. The jitter was much worse on the left side then the right side. So the angle that you hold the stylus probably makes a difference. If I hold it with my right hand, the jitter on the left lessens. So the way the electromagnetic signal that is emitted from the stylus is received on the sensor board appears to be affected by how you angle the stylus as you hold it.

The plastic drawing surface on my original unit did scratch. The new one looks and feels like the same plastic as the old one from 2005. I have not scratched the new one yet. No one else uses it and I make sure I wipe the surface off before each new use. I also don’t wear rings or my watch. I suspect the scratches on my original unit were from when I let friends try it.

I’ve used both the white nib and now I use the black nibs. I like how the black nibs gives more resistance. I’ve looked into screen protectors. They’re pricey and I’ve not decided if I want one or not. I’m still looking around for one though.

This is probably one of the better investments I made, it’s improved my speed and quality of my sketching as I found that I am relearning how to sketch and in a much better way. It took time to get used to, but you’ll love it! I want to get the 12" one now for portable use.