Cintiq 21ux cable twisted and causes erratic or no image.

I just sent my Wacom Cintiq 21UX in for a repair, probably a new cable. The main cable that exits from behind seems to have developed a twist. The cables inside the sheath are twisting at the point it enters the back of the Cintiq. So when I rotate the Cintiq to the far left direction over 90 degrees, I either goes black or the image goes all wonky and red and green. If I rotate back to horizontal, the image comes back and normal. And as you know, the Cintiq cannot rotate past 180 in either direction, so it always comes back to horizontal. Since it can’t rotate 360 degrees, this is surprising.

Anyone else experience this? I wasn’t doing anything abnormal. I rotate the screen a lot as I sketch. I guess the cable took on a twist after a while and was pulling on the connector inside or breaking the wire inside the cable. Not sure why, it’s free to move.

Thanks for any insights.

I am experiencing this right now. I think that the cables just wear out over time from the rotation. A real shame for something designed to rotate.

Yeah I have intermittent image issues when moving mine around on its arm or rotating.

That cable is extra stiff, so rotating it makes it harder than normal. Especially if the ferrite or cable get snagged somewhere that puts additional force on it.

I havent experienced this issue, though I was familiar with all the cable issues they had with the original cintiq models. I created a slack “loop” in the cable and clamped it to the back of the desk. This way there is always plenty of room for the cable to freely twist. It is a thick, stiff cable though.

Thanks for the input so far guys. I guess this is the Cintiq’s Achilles Heel.

On my work surface, I have drilled a hole in the back for the cable to go through. There isn’t that much restriction on it, but I thought about benny’s idea to loop the cable behind the Cintiq so it has some more slack when I get my unit back from Wacom.

If anyone is interested, I got my Cintiq back from Wacom last night. Just set it up and it’s working nicely again. Fortunately, my local dealer loaned me their demo unit so I could keep working last week.

I was surprised how fast Wacom got it back, less then 2 weeks, 7 business days. It’s got a brand new cable now. I have now looped a portion of the cable under it so there’s lots of slack. Not going to let this baby go bad again!

Too bad they didn’t replace the plastic screen protector! Mine has a few very fine scratches on it. I hate that! And I’m anal about keeping the screen and stylus tip clean. At least I can’t feel them or see them when it’s turned on.