Cintiq 21UX and cursor jitter

I just bought a brand new Cintiq 21UX. I’m getting used to it now and having some fun!

I’ve read about users who experience some cursor jitter whenever the pen is close to the edges. I am experiencing this too. It happens about 3/4 of an inch from the left and right sides. Worse as it gets closer to the edge. I’ve just moved my menus inward a bit to avod it. I am running two monitors, a 23" Apple Cinema Display. I am using the drivers from the install CD, so I have not tried to see if Wacom has newer drivers.

Is this common amongst the other Cintiq users here? I am using Painter X currently and might download Sketchbook Pro too.


Are you talking about jitter when you’re drawing a line? Or when hovering above the screen.

The first shouldn’t happen, the second is perfectly normal and doesn’t effect anything once the pen touches the display.

Hi, thanks for replying.

I am referring to the cursor shaking when I hover or touch the screen along the left or right side near the edge. In the center area, it’s perfectly still if I am hovering or touching. I can draw perfectly smooth lines, unless the canvas area is moved right to the edge, the lines will jiggle along with the cursor within 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the edge.

I haven’t noticed the issue, but I rarely draw on the outside of the screen. I leave all my palletes there but I never have any issues clicking on them.

Thanks, sounds like your Cintiq doesn’t do what mine does.

have you got a CRT monitor close by?

Checked today for you. I have no problems drawing lines right at the edge of my screen in Sketchbook. The cursor itself jitters around and flickers about 1 pixel around the spot the pen is at, but this doesn’t effect anything being drawn. (Unless you were drawing it VERY slowly I suppose).

What software are you using…I wonder if Sketchbook Pro just interprets the Wacom input better and does some smoothing on it. I recall photoshop stinking in the past for that because it couldn’t keep the brushes up to speed with the cursor, but that was probably a few years ago and when CS first came out.

Cyberdemon, thank you for checking for me, I appreciate that. Sounds like you’ve got a solid unit. And it’s not doing what mine is doing.

dawolfman666, I do have an Apple Cinema display right next to the top edge of the Cintiq. It’s my main display and the Cintiq is the secondary monitor.

The jitter problem is worse on the left side. Your post made me think, I have an Apple Airport wifi basestation about 6 inches to the left rear of the Cintiq and then a DSL modem about 6 inches from the AirPort base station. So maybe those devices are giving the Cintiq issues. I’ll test the unit with those unplugged, or I’ll move the Cintiq away from them.

Almost forgot, I experience the jitter while using Painter X. I don’t have Sketchbook Pro yet. And I have not tried to see if the jitter happens in Photoshop, I’ll test it today.I have CS1, soon to be CS4.


is your cintiq connected via analogue or DVI? I know that the analogue connection caused problems for me, it seemed more jittery. When I switched to dvi, that went away.

Bennybtl- I am connected via DVI. Oh well, appreciate the suggestion.

yeah it could be some form of RF interference. You should certainly keep it a little distance from any CRT screens for sure. Maybe its not shielded correctly on one side.

Wacom uses [url=]Electo-Magnetic Resonance (EMR)[/rl] to locate the pen and such interface could cause it to get a bit confused.

I found a few other post about the jitter:

dawolfman666- Thanks for those two links. I had not thought of just Googling jitter as I was including CIntiq in the searches.

I read through those links and I have tried a lot of those sugestions. I turned off the modem, turned off the Airport wifi Basestation, turned off the bluetooth mouse and keyboard and it had no effect. :frowning:

I moved the Cintiq away from the Apple Cinema display and it had no effect either. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the pen picking up something too.

If I stay back about 1 inch from the left edge, I’m okay. This is annoying, I had hoped I wouldn’t have to deal with this. And I did download the most current driver too to no avail. It seemed to make it slightly worse.

I’ll contact the dealer after the Holiday here and see what I can do and try to talk to Wacom Tech support too. I emailed them, but no reply yet.

Some added insight-

I did an experiment with the Cintiq this morning. Since I am experiencing cursor jitter mostly along the left side and the upper and lower left side corners and less on the right side edge, I held the cursor at the center of the left edge. I then rotated the Cintiq so the upper left corner is rotating to the right. As it reaches a full 90 degrees of rotation, the jitter stops. What was the left edge is now the top edge. What was the bottom edge is now the left edge and it jitters there. Interestingly too, the left upper and lower corners don’t register the pen within a 1/2" of the corners. The right edge, or what was the top edge jitters now too.

At 180 degrees rotation, the right edge now behaves as the left edge did when at it’s normal upright situation. SO perhaps the left edge has less shielding.

Perhaps there is an external influence on the tablet from the left and right sides. Maybe from a neighboring house or internal electronic devices.Or this unit is not up to spec.


RF shouldn’t really be your problem - the Wacom technology works around electromagnets. Do you have a metal desk? Is there any other metal/magnets nearby (speakers, window frame, shelving?)

It’s possible you just have a bad unit…but that would be the only thing I could think of trying. Maybe see if you cant move the unit to a different room entirely as a test.


Yes, I do have speakers in the room and it was the next thing I was planning to try.

This morning, completely took the left speaker out of the room which was below the desk and to the left of the Cintiq. It didn’t make a difference either.

So I took the next step, I moved the Cintiq to the opposite end of the house, in the kitchen. And I connected it to a Powerbook laptop. Loaded the drivers and launched Painter.

I am getting the exact same jitter in the exact same places on the Cintiq screen. So moving the Cintiq to another location in the house, and using a different computer leads me to conclude the Cintiq is causing this.

I suspect that the Cintiq is not an exactly perfected product. I love this thing for only owning it for a week, so I am not putting it down, but it could be some issues with manufacturing consistency? Perhaps not every unit is built exactly and the digitizer isn’t the same for everyone.

Here’s an image of what a straight line looks like along the left edge. I used a straight edge to draw them and I’ve indicated how far away the lines are from the left edge of the screen.


You can see how jiggly a line is drawn with a straight edge. If I move the drawing area right up to the edge of the screen, the jitter is 3 to 4 times more! Looks like an 8.4 Earthquake on the scale. So trying to pick a tool in the tool palette at first seems a challenge, but I got used to it.

Edit, I wanted to add an additional image of what a line looks like drawn along the left edge:


Xidor - try downloading the trial of Sketchbook Pro. See if that has the same problem. I don’t have painter on my machine so I couldn’t test it. I’m just wondering if Sketchbook might have some better input-filtering methods, though I’m thinking you might just have a flaky unit. I know my screen has the jitter but it’s not being reflected in what I draw, just in how the cursor looks.


Thanks for the suggestion to try Sketchbook Pro. I downloaded the trial copy and gave it a try. I’ve been wanting to try it!

Because Sketchbook Pro fills the screen with the canvas, the jitter problem is even more evident along both sides! Nice program though!

Not sure what to do now, except see if Wacom will help me.

OK - if the jitter problem happens in sketchbook too then it sounds like the issue is definately with your unit.

Call Wacom on Monday - they should be happy to get you a new unit. We had a 12WX that had a faulty connector, caused it to flicker on and off all the time. They replaced it with no hassle. It sounds like you’ve done all the homework to prove the units defective (switched locations, computers, software, drivers).


I appreciate your help with trouble shooting the jitter problem. And I’m glad to hear about your positive experience dealing with Wacom and that they resolved your Cintiq problem!

I’ll be back with an update and hopefully a resolved problem.

By the way, did Wacom send you a new one or did you have to send the defective unit back first? I’ll be contacting the local dealer who sold me mine first to see how to get an exchange.

I don’t remember offhand - I believe we had to ship ours back first and then they sent out one, but someone else handled the return since it was a unit for our group. You can probably try and arrange for them to cross ship one, they might just need a credit card # incase you don’t send the old one back.