cintiq 12 wx - positive / negative?

I am considering the possibility of getting a cintiq 12wx to use for adding color / details to my analog hand sketches. Right now I do this in Photoshop using lots of key shortcuts and an older wacom (not even sure what model it’s a 9 x 6). Really I am just looking to speed up my workflow. What are the positives and negatives of the system? Do you think it can significantly speed up workflow in photoshop for detailing out analog black and white sketches?


do a search. this product has been discussed a lot. I think Skinny has one and he likes it.

No cintiq but I have a tablet pc that I use. I like it when I have to do renderings due to the ergonomics but for initial sketches I’m finding myself going back to paper. That slight cursor/pen nib offset using digital tools throws off that pinpoint accuracy I’ve been training to get on paper. But it’s fine for psd when you’re doing more broad strokes for light and shade as opposed to crisp linework.
But that’s just been my experience. I’ve seen some people create really beautiful linework using them (but I don’t know how many undos and how long it took).
As for technical issues, I hear the screen is a little dark and big bulky cables coming from it that affect it’s portability so that might be an issue.

cool thanks.


I have used one for two years. I’m extremely happy with mine. My experience with tablet PC’s is limited, but the 12wx does everything I need it to do. Its also small enough to be used as a blind tablet with a larger monitor for detailed stuff. As stated before, it isn’t very portable - but thats what I use a sketchbook for. I’ve heard of some new software for the iPad that allegedly makes it pressure sensitive. That might be a good option too.

I’ve had the 12" Cintiq for about a year and a half now and found it to be quite useful. As a career freelancer, I do a lot of work from my own workstation but also in-house at firms here in Chicago. A couple of the firms I frequent have the 21" Cintiqs, which are absolutely a dream to use. So much more realestate allowing more fluid motions and control, IMO. Only after using these did I wish I would have invested more.

I had considered trading up, but really the 12" gets the job done at the end of the day. It also is somewhat portable, as I plan to bring it along for a monthlong freelance gig of mine in Belgium next month.

I use it a lot for concept sketching, adding color, and a bit of illustration. Definatley an important supplementary piece to your designer tool kit.

Only caveat is the inability to display color correctly. Also mine gets pretty warm after intense use and my hands sweat when I’m concentrated.

The plugs and power brick, etc. make it more cumbersome that I had hoped.

Been using one for the past few days at home…makes me miss my 21UX in the studio immensely. The extra cash is completely worth it IMO.

Not only is the display small, but I find the sensitivity around the edges is really poor and eliminates almost an 1/2 inch of usability around the edges.

The 21UX on an adjustable arm is an awesome combo.

I bought one previously but returned it within a week. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, but there were too many wires, the power supply was too large to make it portable, and I had a lot of trouble setting up the 2 screens with different resolutions, although I think I eventually figured it out.

I also had some software issues, I couldn’t get the Cintiq sensitivity to work with Sketchbook pro but it would work in Alias Sketch. With Photoshop, it would only work sometimes and when it stopped working, I would have to restart the program. These problems were likely isolated though since it sounds like others here have had positive experiences with theirs.