Cincinnatus Event

Hey, who went to the Cincinnatus event. What did you think of it? Did it make anyone make their final choice about colleges? The essay made me feel like I was back in the ACT.

It did help with giving me confidence that ID was what I wnated to do. The DAAP students seemed to love the program. And the classes and work being done impressed me.

The campus is nice, like they mentioned it feels like your in the country inside the campus, but actually ur confined in a huge city. I wish I could have checked out around the college to see what else there else there is to do, but I didnt have a car so that didnt work.

The essay was alright. I didnt like the three steps to it, seemed redundent. The leadership thing worked out well for soem and not great for others, We had like two quite kids ino ur group and they got shunned down pretty fast and just sat there. Not very good, but everyone else contributed and we were al ltrying to get high marks.

Yea, Sain I agree with you on all those things. Two to three of the kids didn’t say much except for once in a while, while the rest of us were competing for more points…although it almost ended up being a fight for leadership. I liked the building DAAP, although strange on the outside, it feels warm and nice inside. Yes, it did feel like you were in a different area and not in a city, until you went to the edges of the campus. The computer monitors in the computer lab were HUGE lol.

I didn’t really get to check around the city either, but I did go to newport, which is in kentucky, right across the river, 5 minutes away. I heard that theres restuarants south across the street of the campus. theres also alof of apartments south and west of the campus. One guy told me he paid 300 bucks a month and about 50 in utilities. West of the campus…didn’t hear too great of things lol sounds like it is sketchy and no one should and does goes there.

Question, without a car how did you get to the campus from the airport? You came from Texas if i remember correctly. Taxi? or were there buses. I heard theres only buses as transportation because they never finished the subway.

I stayed at a hotel south of the campus, it was quiete and like a little suburb. Gosh the whole place is hilly and is kinda scenic in parts which i like. I heard theres also buses that go from the campus to downtown on weekends and i think thursdays.

Which dorms are you looking at, I barely got a chance to glance at Daniels.

I took a shuttle from the airport. Only $25 rountrip. Then I stayed at the Kingsgate confrence center So i was on the East Campus. Oly a 5minute walk. But they had a free shuttle that could take you to the West Campus.

Not sure about Dorm, I cam early friday. So I went on a tour of the campus the day before, So they showed us some floor of a dorm room cant rmember which. There bigger than I had expected so there not that bad. If i do go i’ll probabbly live on the DAAP floor,

What I was dissapointed about was the fact that they said the only placeto snowboard was 2 hours away. I figured if i moved that far noth theres gotta be places to ski or snowboard near by, but o well im not very good at it but it would still be a fun hobby.

Haha snowboarding, bah Cincinnati Ohio isn’t THAT north compared to other places. Hm but yea DAAP looked nice…now im trying to make my decision for either Cincinnati or Illinois Champaign. The Industrial Design presentation in the projector room wasn’t very active looking as the others…>_< the video was kinda boring…dunno that was just me.

Sain what do you mean by the DAAP floor? Aren’t all the dorms on the other side of campus?

In the Residents Halls there are major specific floors, like on the floor there is all DAAP students. Or you can be on a floor with all engineering students or an honors floor. Its something you request when you apply for housing.

oh i see now, thats cool. Sain, how much have you estimated 1 year costing? I think maybe sophmore year i’d take an apartment. A student said he was paying 300 a month and 50 in utilities, whether he was sharing im not sure, but that sounds cheaper than dorms.

Havent sat down and caculated it yet. It really didnt bother me how much ill pay, its for my education and I could go to numerous NAIA schools and play soccer and go to school free. But then I wouldnt be getting the education I or expectation I was as hoping for. Right now Im just applying for scholorships, is a good resource. Also the FAFSA and just trying to get as many as I can to help lower the cost. Once school gets closer I’ll try and tally the actual cost.

Heh, I see. Its all about determination right? Are you set upon Cincinnati? I think I want to see the campus again before making my decision

Does anyone know when the results of the Cincinnatus competition will be released?

I heard sometime in April

So whos definate about going to Cincinnati?