Cincinnatus Competition?

I have already accepted admission to UC for the ID Design Track and I am headed there at the end of this week for the scholarship competition and was hoping someone could enlighten me on what to expect. I only know rough details from my research. Essentially there are three sections; math, writing, and a “leadership exercise”. Some basic questions I had concern the level and difficulty of the math, the length and topic of the essay, and what to expect at the leadership session.

Thanks in advance!

Cant remember the difficulty of the math stuff, but it was pretty much standard SAT stuff. Read a paragraph, write about it.

The leadership stuff was pretty much an activity so you could be observed. They put you in a small group like 10 kids. Give your a prompt, something like “how can your make neighborhoods friendlier” and then you as a group come up with some sort of response, they just observe how you interact with others.