Cincinnati's masters in product design


Looking for any opinions on the Cincinnati’s masters in product design course. Have heard lots about the undergrad Co-op program at UC, but is the masters in product design equally good ?

I’ll be attending the master’s course next fall. Will appreciate any feedback. :bulb:


Do I understand, you are attending UC next fall and aren’t sure how good the program is?

I have got some other options also for Fall’05 …but just wanted to know more about UC’s program. does the help ??

You’d be in the School of Design with the other grads from fashion, digital and graphics, you take seminars and do some group projects together. You do research for one of the professors tenure or assistant teach depending on your strengths. Pretty typical stuff.

Unique to UC: their library system is top ranked for research, and the new design research institute. Right now Craig Vogel is culling university concepts/patents for further development.

What is your thesis going to be?

i’m a junior at UC righ now… getting ready to graduate in a year… no plans on going to grad school…

my co ops have more than prepared me for the real world… and my connections are very solid… so a masters really isnt going to help me…

but the reason i say be careful is… is that the grad program at cincy unlike the undergrad… is very new. often times grad students are in class with sophmores just getting higher credit for the same class. the talent level of the grad students is also very low… so the competition you see in the pre junior, junior and senior classes is non existent among grad students… personally this competition and raiseing of the bar is what makes a DAAP graduate good…

if you have other options for grad school look into them deeply… and try to get as much money as you can out of DAAP.

good luck