Cincinnati State?

Hello again all. I am still shopping around for schools and I believe I have chosen UC; but I found that Cincinnati State has an “Industrial Design Technology” Program. Has anyone had any experience with this program? I can’t seem to find much information about the school’s program so thought I might have better luck here.


I believe Cincinnati State has an articulation agreement with UC. Check it out.

Also, did you apply as a transfer this year? And if so, have you heard from them?

I haven’t applied yet mainly because if you apply and get in ( from my understanding ) you will permanently be an out of state student. So I have to decide if I want to bet on myself being accepted and move out there for a year (from ny) and then apply, find another slightly cheaper school, or bite the bullet and pay the extra 60k+ for going there out of state.

I’m getting a late start at the age of 23 so the sooner the better. Could use some advice on those aspects of my situation but I’m trying not to clutter the board haha.

It’s not that late. We have a range of ages in our class from 23-30+ and we are seniors. I wouldn’t worry so much about that. I do know that there are those who have moved out to Cincinnati and managed to get in-state tuition. I’m not sure about the “once you apply you’re stuck” thing. I was fortunate enough to have my entire family move to Cincinnati the year before I started college, but I know there are multiple people on my class that got it. Hopefully Eman (Sain) will see this and expand on that.

As far as the Cincy State program, I haven’t heard much about it. Apparently they do have nice facilities though, especially in prototyping. I’d obviously recommend UC and it’s program.

Yeah I have to get more information on the tuition rates. From what I gander if you begin going to school there as an out of state resident, you can’t get in state tuition even after your first year. UC looks like a great program but finance is factor. I know out of state tuition + room and board it is around 40k a year.

Sorry I dont know much about Cincy State, which is weird because it’s about a 5 minute drive from UC. But I can talk about UC.

I know for a fact that you can get in-state tuition after the first year at UC. I was able to do it and I know of at least 2 other students that have done it. Just need to be fully independent from your parents (not on their taxes), prove you can support yourself financially and file your taxes in Ohio. Though I did it 4 years ago so maybe the process has changed.

As for the cost. Room and Board after freshman year is really cheap. Average rent to live around campus isless than 400 a month. Also just about everyone receives a bit of financial aid (Cincinnatus scholarship) so that cuts cost of tuition a bit. The best thing about the program though is the co-op program and the paid internships. If your careful with your spending after your first year you can cover a huge part of your tuition. You work for a semester, then use that money you made to pay for your next semesters tuition. Rinse and repeat till you graduate.

Thank you very much! I’ll be getting in further contact with UC in the next couple days. I hope that the process hasn’t changed because that would be great. I figure at this point the extra cost of tuition is worth it either way.

Cincy State is a trade school, the ID Tech degree is training for a model maker / CAD jockey.
It’s not a big program, all adjunct faculty, but they consulted with DAAP to see what the needs and opportunity were, and how to train thier students.
I think a few students have tried to use it as a backdoor into UC, but like most schools, UC will not accept course credits from anyone else (except for maybe Gen Ed stuff) so it’s a full five years once you get into ID.
Better off establishing residency in Ohio, by proving your self to be financially independant for a full year as mentioned, and getting the Bachelors.

Long time no see forum! Instead of making a seperate thread, i thought I’d ask here anyway. Has anyone gone to this and had success? Unfortunately the previous reply missed my notice (would have been helpful :confused: ) So I find myself in a sticky situation. Unfortunately I had been lead to believe that Cincinnati State would be a backdoor into UC, as many other programs have. But it seems this is the case. I am having a hard time finding schools I would be able to get into without a school like Cincinnati State, due to some things. So, has anyone succeeded with this school, or transferred from it successfully?

Or more to the point, are there -any- good schools, that are easier to gain acceptance to?

Thanks, -HockadayIX

There are plenty of good schools to choose from, it all depends on whether you are willing to move for them. It seems though where ever you go, you are going to start from scratch, with the possible exception of gen ed stuff. I would find a school in a city you want to live in. However, UC is a top school and if you can get into there I would go for it, really good reputation. Also, I believe UC goes primarily based on GPA for first year acceptance whereas other schools will consider portfolios.

Good luck

Thank you very much, unfortunately UC no longer seems to be an option. So I have begun to look elsewhere, Namely ASU, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech…and I believe there is one or two in Illinois. If anyone has any experience or knowledge of these programs, I would gladly take any advice or knowledge.