Cincinnati graduate program

Just wondering if anyone has been through this program. If so, what was your opinion of it? I know Cincinnati has a great reputation for the undergrad, and everyone I’ve met from the program has been very skilled. Does the graduate program follow the same internship placement requirements that the undergrad program has? Also, what about facilities and software, etc? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have not heard anything about their graduate program on here, and I think that is strange.


I’m curious about this too. I’m applying to ID grad school with a BS in mech engineering, and I can’t decide on a top school. Although, according to their website, they might not accept non-design majors into the grad program.

I seem to recall UC undergrads on Core saying that many of the grad students weren’t quite up to par respective to the quality of the undergrad program in their eyes.

I don’t know a ton about the program being that I only got my undergrad but…

There is no Co-Op program or requirements. I’m sure you could tap into the pool if you wanted to network.

The facilities are the same as the undergrads but I believe each grad gets a small studio space, that might just be GA’s though.

They seem to do more work with the Live Well Collaborative aka P&G.

I think you get more face time with Craig Vogel renowned author of “Creating Breakthrough Products” and “The Design of Things to Come”. But that might not be true. I’m pretty sure you get to play with his Dewalt Radio, Mirra Chair and Shoes with Springs in them though.

For a while they put an emphasis on recruiting internationally. One of our GA’s was German another Mexican, and a third was coming back to the states from Japan.

Since it’s a public school they can’t take into account a portfolio so a lot of the grads couldn’t draw so well and would take undergrad drawing classes.

The number of students was always pretty small, I think they just started the program 5 years ago or so. That’s probably why you don’t hear much about it.

I’ll see if I can rustle up someone to explain more about it.

This is a little off-topic, but is it possible to get a B.A. in Graphic Design and go to grad-school for ID???

Yes, it certainly is, the question is will it be the shortest path to where you want to go?

Probably not, but right now I am so far into the GD curriculum at my school that I’d rather finish up with the degree and then begin on my ID skills after that. Then again it is only my second year, but I feel like transferring to a school heavily thorough in ID and pursuing it will require even more years than I’m already looking at, as well as cost a bit more for out-of-state tuition…


It’s only your second year! Transfer now, you’ll be one year behind at the most. Maybe just a semester.

Although I never went to UC for their grad program in ID, I did meet someone who did. He loved the program and got a full ride too. I think that they give out a lot of fellowships because it isn’t that well-known yet.

UC’s undergrad is incredibly strong, but the grad school really depends on what program the students come from. Mike Zender is an incredible designer and a great person to learn from in their grad program, but I found that the students who came from weaker schools didn’t have as much to contribute and sometimes brought down the quality of work in group project situations.