CIDI, ID school in México. Help!

Hey, i´m Raúl, i´m a 18 year old student, i want to study ID and in México, one of the best options you have is CIDI which stands for Centro de Investigacion de Diseño Industrial, which is part of the UNAM, to enter one of the things you must do is to make two semesters of architecture, i´m on my first semester and i really want ID, they only receive 60 students a year, only 57 are available to arquitecture students, they have a very selective process and you can only apply 2 times being a student of the UNAM, i was hoping if someone could guide me to perform very good in the selection process, i have to present a portfolio, make a drawing test (i´ve heard rumors that you have to re-design an every day object, the last year they say that you had to do a pencil sharpener), and i think there is an interview.

What would you look for on a aspiring ID student?

What books are a MUST READ for a designer?

I like photography and its something that i do well, so if there is a way that i can take advantage of that besides product shooting please tell me!

this is a set of two benches and a coffee table i made for a class, i no they aren´t ergonomical at all, but everything except that has a reason on that set.

I made this sketch with black chalk on a class. It was on perspective and sketching.

I´ll update every now and then to keep asking for advice.