cia question

Hey I am applying to cia (Cleveland institute of art) and was wondering if anyone who had gone had any experience working with their cross registration agreements with Ohio schools including Case Western. (I would like to take some Engineering classes even if I dont get credit for em)
It seems kind of similar to RISD/Brown but I know there it is one of those things where it doesn’t really work out normally.
I asked Admissions too but wanted others perspective.

Great site btw really has helped me in figuring things out.

yes. i took language classes at Case. no problems registering at all. and getting to classes was simple. most were closer than the Factory. it’s a great chance to meet other students too. CIA is pretty small.

u do get credits from classes like engineering ( as academic class after foundation), but they might not apply to your major requirement and you can only take one class ( 3 credits) per semester. also case class schedule is always interfere with cia class schedule… One great thing is that you only need to get a “C” or above to Transfer the credits.
This is how you cross register:
Bring the cross registration paper from CIA…go to case, Baker building( might change location time to time) the day before school start ( the day when CWRU start their late regisration), register the class over there with the signature from the dean…bring the paper back to CIA and have the staff sign it! it’s a bit annoying but it’s worth it!

keep in mind that CWRU engineering program is not easy to get in. They might have extra requirement for you. ok
Good luck! :smiley:

Thank you so much for the info!
When you say the schedules interfere is that in terms of class times or are the semesters non-syncing?
I know sometimes the schools/departments are uncooperative with non-majors but that can be negotiated has it comes along. I am looking to transfer from an engineering school (I like engineering but like ID more)