I need a lot of advice. Last summer I went to the CIA summer program where you live in the dorms for two weeks and whatnot. I kind-of hated that but I don’t really like summer camp type things. After that, CIA was pretty much at the bottom of my list of schools I wanted to go to. Then they accepted me and gave me a scholarship. After reading reviews of KCAD, CCAD, and CIA, I decided CIA was really the best choice for me regardless of how much I used to hate it.

Well, I got my awards letters from both CIA and CCAD yesterday and CCAD’s basically giving me a full ride based on scholarships, grants, and loans. CIA is only paying for half each year. I heard CCAD had some pretty biased teachers and that the work load is ridiculously huge. That really scares me. Not to mention it’s bigger than CIA student-wise.

My dad lost his job so we’re just living on my mom’s income because no one will seem to hire him. It’s pretty clear that I’m to go to whoever gives me the most money. I called CIA to see if there was anything else I could do and they told me to fill out a special circumstances form.

So I’m just wondering, should I accept CCAD and give it a try? Do they really have a bad rep or is that just internet gossip?

I love Columbus as a city, it’s a lot nicer than Cleveland. I’m just scared of all the negative hype I’ve heard about CCAD.

I know very talented grads from both. HAve yo visited CCAD? If you feel comfortable there, then go for it. If you are a few semesters in and hate it, I’m sure you can transfer to CIA… I will be at CIA on April 9th by the way doing a lecture, come by if you are in the area.

yeah, I’ve been to both campuses. I didn’t get to see CCAD’s dorms, though. oh well. thanks for the advice.